Bay Bus is proud to present the Queens of the Bay ridership program, providing qualifying* Fire Island drag queens and entertainers (in or out of drag) with complimentary transportation, on any scheduled Bay Bus, to and from their weekly Fire Island gigs.

Drag culture is in the heart and soul of Fire Island. From the weekend drag pool shows in Cherry Grove, to the club parties in the Pines, and everything in between, these Queens work their hardest bringing absolute magic, happiness and excitement to our community with every deathdrop and lipsync they perform. Their commitment, passion, time and money that they pump into each performance outweighs any financial compensation they receive, yet the joy they provide to the community is priceless.

This is our small way of showing our appreciation to these icons!
To apply for our complimentary ridership program or for more information, please contact us at queen@fireislandbus.com.

* Performers must hold a weekly, scheduled gig at any of the main Fire Island Pines or Cherry Grove establishments. Bay Bus will provide one complimentary roundtrip ticket per week, valid only during the week of the scheduled gig. A “gig” is defined as being scheduled on a weekly basis (at least one show per week) and must run consecutively for at least four weeks or more. The complimentary ticket is redeemable on any scheduled Bay Bus, on either NYC-Sayville, or Sayville-NYC route.

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